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Microsoft AZURE Solutions

For everything AZURE, Reetek provide organisations with the know how for MS AZURE. We manage large accounts and are experts in cloud computing and infrastructure. Take full advantage of MS AZURE with Reetek top MS AZURE consultants.

My Leads

Windows and Linux virtual machines setup and ready to go in minutes.

Sales Opportunities

Manage and develop web and mobile apps for any platform & device.

My Tasks

Scale up and down Database-as-a-service for full application potential.

My Quotes

Scale up and down with highly available and scalable cloud storage.

Cloud Services

Cloud applications and API’s with the ability to scale as business grows.


NoSQL document database management as-a-service for you and your team.

Azure Active Directory

Single sign on and synchronisation of on-premises directories & management.


Simple, scalable and reliable cloud backups via scheduling & management.

API Management

Publish API’s to all groups including developers, clients, partners and staff securely.

Virtual Network

Provision private networks, and connect to on-premises datacenters optionally.

Load Balancer

Enable your applications to be highly available with strong network performance.

Insight & Analytics

Gain great insight through analytics and take your business in the right direction.

Don't chase the wrong opportunities

Don’t waste valuable time and resources on sales opportunities that are doomed to fail. Hit a home run everytime with 360 CRM.

360 CRM’s built in intelligence will allow you to assess and analyse your business opportunities like never before. We are extremely passionate about providing the right intelligence so that making sales is easy. 360 CRM will ensure you work on the opportunities that really matter.

Don’t let time pass you by, give us a call and let us explain how our techniques can significantly change the way you operate. We can take your business and sales to the next level.

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James Smith


“After using Zoho and Microsoft Dynamics I still couldn't find a CRM that was easy to use and affordable. After I trialled 360 CRM I quickly realised how powerful it is and we have never looked back.”

Ebony Greaves


“Great product, great price. 360 CRM has helped me in many ways. The detailed reporting features allow me to construct my own reports choosing custom data from anywhere within the system.”

Aiver Tayao


“The flow of 360 CRM allowed me to scale my business safely. Having multiple employees is no longer intimidating and easy to manage. We have been able to increase Sales significantly after three months of using 360 CRM.”

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